Android toggle button text size

Step 1: Create a new project and name it ToggleButtonExample. Step 2: In this step we open an xml file and add the code for displaying two toggle button and one normal Button. Step 3: You will see two ToggleButton and submit Button.

Android ToggleButton Example

Click on the submit button which will display the state of ToggleButton. Your email address will not be published. Toggle navigation. Project Code Contact.

Change the text size of textview on Button click Sketchware tutorial

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Use CheckedTextView instead: I had the exact same problem, and almost gave up on using ToggleButton for that reason. Calling setMinWidth int and setMinHeight int in my code had no effect for me, nor did anything else I tried. But when I set these attributes in the xml I was then able to control the size of the ToggleButton with padding, although be aware that I also modified the padding in with xml, like so:.

You might be able to set the padding programmatically as long as you set the minWidth and minHeight in the xml. Defining your widgets in xml is very easy to do btw.

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Android - ToggleButton Control

LEFT ; button. Kind regards. Image and Code. Androidicus Androidicus 2 12 You can always post a link to your image link without ADS. Without actually seeing the layout its quite difficult to understand what the problem is. Try adding the image through a link and i'll be there to solve it.

So please re check size of images. If you want to align to the center vertically and to the left horizontally, you would do the following: For example: Steven Toews Steven Toews 11 2. Thanks for your detailed response. Unfortunately that did not do the trick.

Android button font size Ask Question. Any ideas? Check out for the working example javatechig. You define these attributes in xml as you would anything else, for example: Crawler 1, 2 14 Cheryl Simon Cheryl Simon Should not textsize be set to SP not DP?

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