Battery on ipad mini dies quickly

How to Extend the Battery Life of an iPad: 10 Steps

Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Annie Annie My iPad mini battery dies super quick Anyone have a. Solution to solving this issues with my iPad mini battery? More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Charging the battery http: The number one way to get that full day out of your iPad's battery is to simply use it more efficiently. This has to do with flipping a few settings to ensure we aren't using more battery power than we need.

It is not just a few settings that is causing your iPad Mini some battery problems or keeping your iPad Pro's While the apps that eat up the most power are generally the ones that we are using the most, sometimes a little-used app can use more than its fair share, so it is a good idea to check which apps are draining your iPad's battery. If nothing else helps, you can get a boost from outside your iPad.

We can't all just plug in our iPad throughout the day for an extra charge, but we can use and external battery pack. These act similar to a wall outlet except that they are portable. Read more about the best external battery packs. For many people, low battery life signals a great time to upgrade to the latest and greatest, but if your iPad is serving your needs, you may simply need a battery replacement. There are also other options for battery replacement such as taking it to a third-party.

Before you replace the battery, you should try doing a factory reset on your iPad. This will delete everything and reset it to how it was in the box. This could fix battery issues that are caused by issues with the operating system itself and is a worthwhile step before forking over hard cash. Read more about performing a factory reset on your iPad.

You should also back up your iPad before sending it in to Apple. Most iPads are set to backup every time they are charged, but it doesn't hurt to do a manual backup in this instance. Is a new battery worth it? If you don't need an upgrade for a couple of years, the battery replacement is definitely the way to go. Apple has a feature on iPhones called "Low Power Mode". This mode turns off a number of features, including features that couldn't ordinarily be turned off such as special graphics used in the user interface.

It's a great way to get the most juice out of the dregs of the battery, but unfortunately, the feature doesn't exist on the iPad. For those wanting something similar, I've detailed most of the features to turn off in the steps above. You can also follow the iPad Low Power Mode guide. Share Pin Email. Daniel Nations has been a tech journalist since Both are rarely powered off. Since the release of iOS 10 iPhone 5S significant decrease battery and frustrating. Of course, perhaps we tried it all, everything went off — the same loss of battery.

I now have one iOS The battery drain issue messed me up almost one month! So I have to bring back iPhone to my office, connect to iTunes, and restore to ios Did you ever get any solution for your battery drain? I always update my IPhone 6S as there is a new update available. I have never had battery issues until I updated to IOS After that my IPhone barely lasts 10 hours without any calls and only an occasional check of e-mail. This is absolutely a new problem for me. My battery all of a sudden has become really bad. Even with the phone powered off I lose battery life. Makes me want to throw my phone out the window of my moving car.

Absolutely HATE battery performance since upgrading. I have a 6s that has gotten much worse since the upgrade. Bad Apple, bad!!! My phone drains in less than half a day now with no useable at all, hopeless and I see no advantage in My next phone will not be an apple. Any help appreciated. Long time iPhone user from the very first model! I have a 6 which is about 2 yrs old. I am a moderate user. No energy sucking apps, background refresh has always been off and hardly any location services on etc.

How can that be? What is calendar doing in the background and can I turn that off whatever it does? I would appreciate help with that. Apple might actually lose me ultimately. I find this hugely annoying. Could it be the new IOS? Trying some tips from this site and hopefully it fixes this issue. I hardly every play them and never had an issues when I had my I phone 5. I agree with Atticus. Any ideas what portable chargers work with the iOS 10?

Fix iPhone/Android Randomly Dying at 30% (Calibrate Your Battery)

Is this true? This is an Apple iOS problem.

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My 5s is only a year old and I have a friend who bought one the same time I got mine. They were both fine until the iOS 10 update showed up. All at once overnight both of our batteries started to loose huge amounts in no time. I even tried powering the phone off overnight and it still lost battery. My friend has the exact same symptoms. And I can guarantee you, this is the last Apple device I will buy coming from a 22 year Apple user. Took it in to the Apple Store had my phone completely reset. Specifically starting with 9. This is laughable.

What the hell! My iPhone 6s is overheating too! My phone in the past would never overheat and I would get a least 12 to 15 hours of use doing the exact same functions. Does anyone: My 6plus is having serious battery issues since upgrading…. So annoyed! When I switch it on in the afternoon, the battery is fully drained already.

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I tried replacing the battery but the problem is still the same.. Hope Apple will give us solution.. After upgrading to Absolute shambles. Using iphone 6s — dramatic battery life reduction from this upgrade last week. Fix this! Same problem happening with my iPad. All apps are turned off. What I find disturbing is the number of complaints published which is typically a fractional percentage of actual occurrences, and the complete disregard by one of the wealthiest companies in the world to address or even accept responsibility for their actions.

I have iphone 6 and having the same battery issues as everyone on here. When I hit the power button it will show the power cord indicating it is out of juice. There is no consistency with it at all. I have to take a power cord everywhere I go.

When at lunch I watch the power drain as I read email. This seems silly when taking into consideration how much i spent on this thing. IOS Is Hardly ever used except for an concessional phone call a couple times a week and one or two text messages a day. Always put it in the charger over night. All of a sudden a few weeks ago I started noticed a rapid drain on battery. No change in apps or usage from the past couple of years. Did all of the recommendations in the article, but has not helped.

The battery usage shows very little apps using the battery, just mail and messages.

iPad Air 2 Battery Drain

I moved the mail to manual update only. No change in drain rate. It sits on low power mode now until I can buy a battery back up. My ipad works better than my iphone6 as far a battery usage and it is over 6 years old. Very sad that something updated my iphone6 to become worthless unless you carry around an alternate power source. From all of the reading I have done searching on the internet, this is a growing problem. With as many people as I have seen recently with the same problem, it would seem there should be enough for a class action suit or complaint.

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Is there a place online to sign a petition for this problem? Apple spends a lot of money advertising their products to consumer to buy their products. That money in advertising can easily be counteracted by a large free social network voice of consolidated and focused consumers angered about the same consumer problem. If the voice is loud enough with a large amount of angered consumers, it will start to affect sales and they will be forced to do a recall and fix the problem. Having a single place to sign a petition and have the media take notice would be the first place to get Apple to choose not to ignore the problem.

There is an implied warranty of service with a mobile device and Apple devices should be able to deliver a similar quality of product life as other similar brand devices used in a similar manner. I am very mad that my old flip phone worked better than my fancy iphone that I finally upgraded to. Meanwhile you have no phone for that time frame.

I have a 6 plus I updated IOS only cause of the annoying pop ups and now after 3 hrs it was close to dying on me! I use to go all day without charging my phone! I never thought I would say this but Apple sucks!! About the time I installed my last suggested update, my battery on my IPad Air will not hold charge. I usually used it all day with one charge…now I charge it several times a day! Not happy and I have done all suggestions you have posted.

My battery used to last days on a single charge. Now, it drains completely in less than 24 hours. Does anyone know if the upgrade allows access to Your phone by Apple or other third party apps at night? Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: Rob says: September 19, at 5: Atticus says: September 29, at Lois Tack says: October 3, at 5: Tom clayton says: October 8, at Paul says: Ken says: October 16, at Rob or Ken?

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