Ipad air video camera review

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I took a bunch of photos at the NC State Fair as well as on my trip out to Santa Clara following the iPad launch event in the gallery below. The front facing camera does see an improvement in sensitivity thanks to a larger sensor format.

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The other feature leveraged by the new front facing camera is the inclusion of a second microphone for noise cancellation. The impact is pretty noticeable.

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I ran an iPad 4 and an iPad Air side by side while playing a background track and have embedded the resulting videos below:. Video capture settings look unchanged from the iPad 4. Video quality out of both is pretty good for a tablet.

iPad Mini - Camera Test

In well lit scenes rear camera quality is definitely sufficient for sharing on the web. Camera Front and rear facing cameras are necessary features on all modern, premium tablets. Image quality is surprisingly good: Even lower light shots come out fairly well: Although obviously noise goes up appreciably once you get into really dark scenes: Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

iPad Air camera | Expert Reviews

Privacy Policy. You might have noticed that I'm hardly a fan of the cameras on tablets at the best of times, and if there was one thing that I'd happily sacrifice for a thinner tablet, it's this functionality. But then, the iPad Air 2 comes with a Slo-Mo function in a much skinnier frame, so the two evidently weren't mutually exclusive. Still, the iPad Air's camera does the job just fine.

While the performance isn't that good although shutter speed was impressive, as I'd expected it's more than adequate for something that shouldn't be replacing a smartphone or dedicated camera anyway.

iPad Air review

Click here for the full res image. Current page: Camera and Video. Editor's Choice.

The darkness on the normally bright indoor scene is less impressive than expected. Here's the same photo on the iPhone - the sharpness and contrast is marked.